Introduction of Managers&Executives&Heades
Human Resources Manager88839460
Director Of International Projects 00982181313068 - 00982188831257
Chairman of board of directors and CEO of Gas Engineering and Development Company88309407
Material Logistics and Services Manager88912792
Planning & Project Control Manager88820741
Engineering & Building Affairs Manager88831344
Financial Manager88339443
Deputy CEO88826202
Refining Plans Executer 88839460
Storing Plans Executer (Hydrocarbon)88913737
Non-Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Gas Storage Project Manager88913737
Global 10th Pipe Line Plan Executer88937448-88937449
Building & Infrastructure Facilities Plans Executer88748666
Other Main & Sub Pipe Lines Plan Executer88918182
6th Iran Gas Trunkline Project Manager88920272-88920273
Telecommunication & Dispatching Plans Executer88731254
National 9th Pipe Line Plan Executer88827991
Pressure Boosting Station Plan Executer88748669
Global 7th & 11th Pipe Line Plan Executer88735186
Head of Contract Affairs & Engineering Estimation88838881
Head of security88822503
Head of legal affairs88844009
Head of Public Relations 88830882
Head of information and communication technology88307990
Head of HSE 88915551